Friday, March 11, 2011

Completed Project: Pink Dot Tank Dress

As per requested :)
I made this dress using a pattern I drafted with the help of Cal Patch's book, Design It Yourself Clothes. The top is a basic tank pattern with bust darts, and the skirt is a slight A-line gathered skirt. The dress has a casing for elastic at the waist. 

Completed in about 4 hours, I'd estimate.

I really like it! I'm probably going to make the same style in different patterns and colors :)


  1. You're so talented!! You should add pics of you in the garments so we can see! :)

  2. Thanks Ariana! I added a picture of me wearing this dress like you suggested. In the future, I will try to include action shots on this blog.

  3. Too cute! And it looks great on you!