Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm in a lovely mood. Today was my first day as a "fashion design student"!

I just started in the fashion design program at a local community college, and even though it's "just" community college, I am already so excited to be working with professors and classmates who share my love and appreciation for fashion and dressmaking. Even though I've had the pleasure of finding bloggers from all over the place who sew and inspire me in great ways, it wasn't until today that I had the privilege of meeting people my age in person who share this passion. I think and hope that this will be an amazing adventure for me, and I hope that my sewing will improve significantly within the next few months (and that I'll learn a lot of other cool skills too!)

I was also flattered and deeply touched to receive an email from a new sewist with a question for tips about beginning to sew. This might sound like a minor thing, but I'm so, so humbled to have someone, even virtually, reach out to me for advice. It is an enormous compliment when people appreciate my work and/or feel inspired, in part by me, to begin sewing themselves. It's an amazing feeling.

Anyway, I know these were musings rather than something actually sewing-related, but I consider this my more "personal" of my two blogs, so I hope you don't mind. Hopefully I will update this place more, too, as my courses continue!


  1. That's so exciting! :) Where are you doing the course? x

  2. Hi a new sewist (not so) but still learning and i hope we can sharing anything about sewing even i'm not same age with u. Feel free to visit my new blog..tq